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It's been said that you can sell anything with witty copy. It's also been said that with great packaging you can sell a turd. We've never sold a turd, but if we did, it would have the dopest branding.

Photo Cred: Lindsey Rickert


Creative Director

Lindsey was daydreamed into existence amidst a golden wheat field as a gentle breeze caressed the sighing blades, so there she was.

As a child, she floated through stories and pictures, drawn to music and raw creation. She has spent a lifetime submerging herself in creative acts and sociological observations. 

She devours creative challenges and uses her empathetic wiles to guide her creations. She relishes making mood boards for your project and always finds the perfect typeface for your brand. 


When you meet Lindsey, ask about her lifelong goal to be an old lady. If you're lucky, she'll show you her collection of fine brooches. 



Copywriter, Project Lead

Jessica sprang forth from a wild Montana bred woman. The babe of an ancient lineage of women who forge their own paths, and ignore the rules.

Growing up, reading was the glimpse into new worlds and ways of thinking. Her writing became the way to create those worlds on her own. 

So many roads converged to bring her to this moment, most of them fully absurd. Four decades, two degrees, two marriages, one heir, and so many books later she is ready to help create a beautiful world for your brand. 

When you meet Jessica, ask her to tell you an entertaining and highly inappropriate story, she has a fine collection of these for your pleasure.

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