Alix Waxes

After years of working for a waxing collective, Alix was ready to strike out on her own. Well aware that the smallest details matter, she reached out to ABSURD. to create the Alix Waxes brand identity of her dreams.


Identity & Branding, Print, Digital & Web


Alix Waxes



In a sea of beige and pink waxing studios, Alix knew that she needed to stand out. She knew what she did and didn’t want; no flesh tones, no millennial pink, gender-neutral, with a slightly psychedelic, 60s influenced vibe.


Our Solution

A bright, colorful brand identity that is adaptable and flexible, allowing for custom print and digital applications. Living in a digital world, Alix wanted her clients to feel appreciated on a personal level. We created custom holiday and birthday postcards, and an oversized “You’re Doing Great” canvas print that welcomes her clients as they enter her new studio.

Alix Social Media


Alix initially pushed back against using social media when we were strategizing, but is thankful we talked her into it. She rarely has an open appointment that isn’t filled the same day when announced. Her effervescent personality now has another place to shine. 


The Website

A simple, well designed website for clients to book appointments and read more about Alix and her services. We also included a blog so that she could easily inform her clients on the latest COVID-19 protocols, and new services. We think her website is a bright bacon in a sea of beige.