Goby Wood Co.

Goby had an age old problem; what happens when a business changes hands? When the last generation didn't put the same weight into branding as the new owner? Their brand image had started to look dated.


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Goby Wood Co.



When Aaron (the new owner) bought Goby, he thought their branding needed an update. Timeless branding that would last for the life of the company.
We started by renaming them, just a slight shift. Goby Wood Co. was called Goby Walnut & Western Hardwoods. Goby Wood Co. Reflects their expanded product choices & is much more succinct.

Our Solution

Aaron wanted Goby to be more of a lifestyle brand. Their audience has shifted to include more creators and non commercial makers. We used three key words to guide our decisions- maker, passionate, and informative. The three pillars for their brand identity. 


We created a new visual feel for them based on classic American industrial branding. Their brand voice was defined, a tag line was created, mission statement was updated, and a variety of other brand elements were written for them.

absurd_goby_port_mailer box 02.png

The Sample Box

The sample box was created to be mailed out to architects and builders. An audience that might be in the market for wood very soon. Inside are some wood samples, a brochure, and a personalized letter of introduction.

The Website

Goby had an existing Shopify website that they used for online sales. Absurd chose a new template that was a better fit for the rebrand, and updated it with their new branding.

Our goal was to improve the user experience as they moved through the sales process. It was important to keep their e-commerce going throughout the shift so they wouldn’t lose sales.

The result is a beautiful, and functional e-commerce site that matches the rest of their branding.