Lillias Right

Lillias is an iconic photographer and model, they wanted branding to help them stand out in the sea of online models. As we started our research, we noticed that most models aren’t branded. Why not? There are some serious brands out there that are models.


Identity & Branding, Merch, Packaging & Website


Lillias Right



Lillias’ visual inspiration is Victorian romance inspired. The kinds of colors you’d see in a lithograph. Full of curvy fonts, and a stationary worthy lily icon. Their logo is a sophisticated version of their personal style.

Our Solution

Lillias is a very dynamic and interesting person, so her brand needed to represent them accurately.  They needed a place to keep all of their channels and kinds of work they do in one place, so the web design was based around easy navigation and visual appeal.



The creation of merch for Lillias was one of our favorite parts of this job. We created customizable clothing, and beautiful playing cards. The cards have wallpaper style imagery on the backside that could easily be used in other packaging as needed. We also created labels for lip balm that they make by hand. It was a delight to see the brand come alive on these. 

The Website

The website for Lillias is a home for all of their various passions and links to their work. Because they have multiple businesses and places to connect, a simple, easy to navigate site was essential. Now they have a beautiful place that everything navigates out of.